Why work with an event content curator or designer for your virtual and in person event?

Why work with an event content curator or designer?

In our experience at HaslerHill Consulting, teams do not always have the time or experience to plan and deliver high impact events based on quality content. We have observed much of the effort being focused on the logistics (where, when, who and how) – these are indeed important elements – but not sufficient effort being focused on delivering engaging and compelling content (the what) – this is where an event content curator or designer can step in to help you develop and deliver the best agenda possible for your event.

Having been responsible for organising and delivering numerous key meetings, workshops and conferences internationally and domestically in person and virtually over the past 25 years of working for major blue-chip organisations internationally, we are really excited to be focusing on developing this service offering at HaslerHill Consulting.

What is an event content curator?

An event content curator is typically an experienced professional who can work with you to structure and deliver a really high impact agenda for your next event whether large or small, from industry conferences to business-critical workshops, meetings, strategy away days to innovation sessions – virtual and in person.

Why should you consider working with an event content curator when you organise your next event?

Working with an event content curator can really help you clarify what you want to achieve with your event, and on this basis they will work with you to build a high impact agenda that has the desired impact in the market which maximises your investment (time and money). The event content curator can also work with you to leverage both your network and contacts, as well as their own, to achieve this.

What to look for in an event content curator?

First and foremost, there needs to be a good rapport between you both, as you will be working very closely together. Look at their experience, ask for examples of events that they have previously curated, as well as testimonials. Ask them to clarify what type of impact the events that they have curated previously have had in the market. With the rise of virtual events, largely due to the pandemic, if your event is virtual or hybrid then ensure they can evidence relevant experience in this space as curating these events requires a different approach to in person (including strong familiarity with different platforms and technologies).

How to collaborate with your event content curator?

Step one – develop a high-level brief (incl timing, budget).

Step two – share the brief with a number of event content curator candidates clarifying your desired event objectives and outcomes to maximise the impact of your investment in the market.

Step three – candidates submit their proposal.

Step four – review the proposals and explore and agree with your preferred candidate based on budget and resources which elements he/she will lead on and which elements you are happy to lead on. For example, based on a typical event, activities could include:

  • drafting and iterating the agenda
  • identifying and securing the speakers, panellists, moderators/facilitators etc.
  • building out the briefs for each element of the agenda for the moderators/facilitators, speakers, panellists etc.
  • organising the speaker, moderator/facilitator, panellist etc briefing calls
  • leading the briefing calls
  • supporting part/all of the event from a content perspective at the event (eg hosting the green room)
  • preparing and circulating post event white papers/follow up based on the content discussions etc.
  • delivering a post event evaluation/lessons learnt focused on the content

As mentioned earlier, with the rapid increase of virtual events, event content curators need a good grasp of different digital tools and platforms available that can really help to develop engaging interactions based on quality content (moving away from the deadly webinar approach).

Step five – finalise the scope (incl key milestones and deliverables), sign the contract and get to work.

Finally, event production companies and event managers will offer guidance on event design (especially larger summit, conference, academy style events) and many do a credible job. However, we have observed an increasing gap between how many/the majority of events are currently structured (around the who, where, when and how) often with increasing levels of “flashy” but with limited regard for the value and need for truly engaging content which creates dialogue and the opportunity for quality engagement, learning and connections which is even more necessary in the virtual space. We therefore see a big opportunity to better curate events. What also distinguishes us at HHc is that we are not only able to curate events with impact but that we can also facilitate these events with impact!

Rebecca Hill of HaslerHill Consulting has a background of working with global professional and financial services organisations and currently provides services to companies of all sizes specialising in facilitation and event content curation and design. For more information please contact Rebecca via phone at +44(0) 7860 805528 or rebecca@haslerhillconsulting.co.uk.

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