The little known benefits of Livestreaming events – virtual, in person and hybrid!

The benefits of Livestreaming events

As you may be aware over the past 20 months, we’ve assisted many organisations with the creation, facilitation and production of high quality Zoom events with some great results.

Whilst “in person” events are, in part, back on the agenda, there is still much uncertainty due to the pandemic which will likely be the case for some time to come. So, we anticipate that while we will increasingly be busy with in person events, we will also continue to be so with virtual events.

As a result, we wanted to take the opportunity to flag with you that we now offer the additional service of livestreaming as part of our in person and virtual event offering, which we are really excited about!

Please watch this short film that we made for the Clerks of the City of London Livery Companies, with whom we do much work, which outlines our livestreaming services. 


We also wanted to share with you some useful and potentially little known facts about livestreaming and its benefits:

Why should you consider having a livestream of your event(s)?

  • Many invitees to in person events are still lacking the confidence to attend, but still want to be included.
  • Increasingly, many organisations have members/employees who are based regionally in the UK or internationally but who still value being involved.
  • Due to constraints in in person numbers at events/social distancing, it is not always possible to include all those who wish to attend in person.

How does livestreaming work?

In person events – where you livestream what is happening at the in person event to participants attending remotely on their laptops or mobile devices (eg mobile phones, tablets, ipads).

Hybrid events – where you livestream what is happening at both the in person and virtual event to participants attending remotely on their laptops or mobile devices (eg mobile phones, tablets, ipads). An example of this might be where you are holding an in person meeting with some of the speakers joining remotely via Zoom.

Virtual events – where you livestream what is happening at the virtual event (eg Zoom webinar where you might have a cap of 100 participants) to a much bigger audience attending remotely on their laptops or mobile devices (eg mobile phones, tablets, ipads).

Types of events you can livestream:

  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Conferences and Symposia
  • Launch Events
  • Press Conferences
  • Graduation Ceremonies
  • Civic and City Ceremonies – Installations and Elections
  • Church Services of Dedication, Memorial and Carol Concerts
  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • And any other event where you might wish to include individuals based remotely

What are the key features of our livestreaming service?

  • Typically, we can livestream to a platform of choice (normally YouTube or Vimeo)
  • There would be up to 5 cameras giving different views/angles of the event
  • Our live editing provides a seamless view of proceedings leveraging the different cameras and views
  • For in person and hybrid events, we provide close up microphones to give good TV like sound quality – avoiding echo in the room. Remote speakers would need their own microphone and camera set up, which we can test in advance with them
  • Our livestream service is in high definition giving excellent quality
  • Hosting of the livestream is private so that only those with a dedicated link can access the event.

Finally livestreaming also allows you to offer to your event participants a recording of the event which they can share with their wider network. 

If you would like any further information about our livestreaming service including packages, check out this link or contact us (see below). 

James Hasler and Rebecca Hill are both principal consultants at HaslerHill Consulting, an organisation specialising in moderationfacilitation and curation of events, as well as presentation skills and public speaking skills training. You can contact us via the HaslerHill Consulting contact page or call +44(0) 7773 229909.