Successful corporate events and dinners – four tips to achieve success

What is the key element that contributes to successful corporate events and dinners? 

Is it a new product? Is it the draw of a well-known personality? Is it even be a great band to get the party started? These are all valid but I think the greatest element has to be an…achievable schedule.

I am sure that virtually everybody who reads this will have been to a corporate event where, at some point, things have not run to time. Where the chance of hearing that great band at the end of the evening is significantly shortened because events leading up to when they were to start, took too long and as such the schedule overran. Sadly when the band stops at then end of an evening the music really is over.

In my experience there are four things that can cause this.

1.       People arrive late in significant enough numbers to cause a delay at the start of the event.

2.       The event gets off to a bad start due to the inability of those moderating it to get people moved into position within the given time. (This can be very common at dinners.)

3.       The food service is misjudged – taking too long to serve

4.       Finally and most important, the schedule has been incorrectly calculated!

So here are 4 tips to help get around these issues and go along away to making successful corporate events.

1.       Work your schedule starting 10 to 15 minutes later than billed on the invite. If people arrive “on time” which you need to be prepared for anyway, then you will have minimum disruption to starting the event on time. 

2.       Engage a professional event moderator/host who engages actively with the guests and can get people moved into position and sat down on time so either the formal welcome or food service can begin on time. Using a member of “the team” rarely works as well.

3.       Choose your venue wisely and work closely with your caterers and event host. It is important that you do not overfill a space as it can then become impossible to serve all the tables easily making calculations as to how long each course takes to serve almost impossible. Use the event host to make sure the isles remain clear during service too.

4.       Most importantly, don’t be unrealistic, like trying to handout 75 awards in 45 minutes! If necessary over allow for time and if it looks like you are going to be finished a little ahead of time you can slow the pace a little giving the whole event a more relaxed atmosphere. Trust me, it is rare to make time back once it is lost. 

Happy planning.

James Hasler of HaslerHill Consulting is a professional event host, moderator, facilitator, frontman and anchor for successful corporate events. Additionally he provides both live and pre-recorded “Voice of God” messages for successful corporate events of all kinds as well as narration for corporate videos and the like.

If you would like to find out more about how James can help make your event a success please contact him at or phone him on +44 (0)7773 229909