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Event Moderation and Hosting

No matter what your industry, to put on a great event and have it run to schedule, it pays to use a professional moderator and host. An experienced moderator and host will keep proceedings to time and ensure your messages are delivered in a clear and impactful way providing the best event communication.

Using James’ experience gained in 28 years of working in the industry, attending and working at numerous trade shows, product launches, symposia, and events, he uses the insight and skills gained as a moderator and host to provide a high impact event.

Key services offered as a moderator and host include:

  • Client pre-briefings
  • Speaker guidance (including speaker presentation coaching if required)
  • Delegate guidance 
  • Delivery of key messages and summations
  • Panel discussions, fireside chats, as well as audience Q&A
  • Pre and post event interviews of speakers and delegates to camera (for corporate filming)

Benefits to you of using a moderator:

  • An event run to your specifications – smoothly and to schedule
  • Your targeted message(s) delivered with high impact
  • Great interaction with your audience
  • Reduced stress all round – especially for the organisers

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Press Conference Facilitation

Press conferences can be challenging and somewhat daunting to navigate. A good press conference requires a strong facilitator who can “control” the speaker(s) and the audience, including journalists, by guiding the process so that the right messages come across.

James uses his extensive event communication skills in conference management and moderation to facilitate press conferences in an impactful way, ensuring the desired messages are delivered.

Benefits to you of having a press conference facilitator include:

  • An event run in an organised way to your brief
  • Key messages delivered
  • Questions and answers facilitated

For more information about how James can help you, please get in touch via our Contact page.

Product Launch Hosting and Trade Show Facilitation

Making the biggest impact when it comes to your product launch is critical. James has led and been part of numerous product launches and trade shows, particularly in the automotive sector, and has knowledge to a very high technical standard. He has used this to his advantage when running product launches and trade shows in electronic engineering, manufacturing engineering etc. Critically, he is equally at home in either business to business/dealer network, or business to consumer environments. 

By using James to moderate your product launch event or trade show stand, it means that you will be able to concentrate on your audience, without worrying about running the event itself.

Benefits to you of using a product launch moderator include:

  • Keeping to schedule 
  • Giving clear and concise messaging about the product(s)
  • Running Q&A
  • Providing a full product presentation if required
  • Ultimately, freeing you up to spend time with customers, contacts etc.

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Awards Ceremony Hosting/Facilitation

As an experienced awards ceremony and professional qualification graduation ceremony host and facilitator, James uses his knowledge in event communication to provide a seamless and warmly delivered experience, either as the lead host, or frequently in collaboration with a celebrity and/or the event organizer.

Benefits to you of using an awards host and facilitator include:

  • Pulling together a seamless, high impact event
  • Keeping things on schedule
  • Paying particular attention to the pronunciation of names
  • In a themed environment, James is also happy to “robe up” to match any theme your ceremony may include

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Professional Interviewing

Interviewing is a true art. James has substantial experience providing interviewing services for corporate films, podcasts, live-streamed events – interviewing key client(s), industry experts and business leaders to your brief to ensure the best possible results. 

As an interviewer, James uses his skills as a trainer and his experience both behind and in front of the camera, to deliver a natural feel and result. His, insightful questioning, good listening skills, and warm approach put his interviewees at ease.

The major benefits to you of using a professional interviewer include:

  • Interviewees – especially inexperienced ones – are put at ease and guided to provide a better end result
  • Tough questions can be asked in an insightful manner

For more information about how James can help you, please get in touch via our Contact page.


If you are looking for assistance developing a programme and content for your event, check out our content development service. We are also able to offer meeting facilitation (including virtual meetings), for more information on this service please check out our facilitation service