Sales Communication Training

With so many ways for customers to engage with the sales of products, it is important that you have the best-trained staff available to help guide and successfully convert inquiries into sales. Communication skills are key to this

With 25 years + experience in the sales and customer service profession, we use our knowledge and skills to coach and train individuals and teams on their sales communication technique.

James has worked both independently and as part of a team delivering training to sales professionals and teams, giving them the confidence to present their products to end users in a confident and informative way, helping them achieve targets and success.

His specialty is in the automotive sector, in particular, new cars and accessories. He works with teams so that they are able to present based on their audience’s needs with impact in a clear and well-informed manner.

Benefits of sales communication training include:

  • Confident and well-informed sales professionals and teams who can deliver great results.
  • Sales professionals and teams who use memorable ways in which to demonstrate products.


For more information about how James can moderate and present your event, then please get in touch via our contact page.

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