Product Launch Event Host and Trade Show Facilitator

Product Launches

New products need a high profile launch to get them off to a good start. Therefore, making the biggest impact on your product launch event possible is critical. By using James to moderate your launch event, it means that you will be able to concentrate on your audience, without worrying about running the event itself.

In particular, James has experience of the automotive industry and has led and been part of numerous product launches in this sector which means he has the knowledge to a very high technical standard. He has used this to his advantage when running product launches in electronic engineering, manufacturing engineering etc.

Benefits to you of using a product launch moderator include:

  • Keeping to schedule¬†
  • Giving clear and concise messaging about the product
  • Running Q&A
  • Providing a full product presentation if required
  • Ultimately, freeing you up to spend time with customers, contacts etc.


Trade shows

To maximize your investment at trade shows, whether you have a straightforward stand or are putting on a show, by using James’ experience and skill as a host you will get the best results for your investment.

For more information about how James can help you maximize your trade show presence or your launch event, please get in touch via our contact page.

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