Three reasons why you should use a professional event host

Why should you use a professional event host?

With budgets ever tighter and the pressure on the bottom line ever increasing, it can be tempting for businesses to want to save money wherever possible especially when it comes to their events. In our experience, the area where event organisers often try to save money is on hiring a professional event host. If you are in this situation and are thinking of keeping the hosting of your event in house by asking one of your senior executives to take on the role or you are thinking of taking it on yourself, then be sure that you or the individual you have designated to act as the host can spare the time to both prepare, has the right presence and is able to focus on the hosting at the event. You do not want to find that you or your host are under-prepared and/or are so distracted on the day with running the event, that you do not capitalise on your investment and miss achieving the objectives you have set for the event.

In our experience, saving on a professional event host is a false economy. Moderators come in many varieties and if your budget is tight here are a couple of key things for you to consider:

1) Do I need a professional event host who is well known or not? Using a professional non-celebrity host is generally a much more cost effective option. They are often highly experienced in running a wide range of events from mega symposiums through to award dinners, press conferences and trade shows. They often have great industry experience and are able to position and probe much more effectively into the issues being discussed than the more celebrity hosts (including TV journalists). Additionally, they are also very experienced at running the event to time and helping you achieve the business outcomes you have identified (it is less about them and all about you!)

2) We recognise that using a celebrity event host can act as a draw to your event which if you use a lesser known professional event host will not necessarily be the case. One way to address this issue especially if budget is tight is to employ a professional event host to host the whole event and then have a celebrity(ies) join for part of the event (eg. to hand out the awards, give a brief after dinner speech) that way you could potentially reduce the cost of your event.

3) If you know you are going to have multiple events during a given period, you can negotiate with the professional event host a fee structure that works for you both based on volume.

By using some or all of these approaches, we firmly believe that you can find the event host that is right for your event – ensuring it is the success that you want it to be!

James Hasler of HaslerHill Consulting is a professional event host, MC/Emcee, moderator, “frontman” and anchor as well as voice artist working across industries and geographies with clients to ensure their events achieve the impact in the market that they want. If you are interested in discussing further your needs with James, he can be contacted via the HaslerHill Consulting Website Contact Form or by phone at +44(0)7773 229909