Speech Guidance and “The power of Three” x3.

Many people seek speech guidance and often the ones that need it most never do. However, there is an also apparent cliché that most things to do with public speaking are set to the power of three, but why is this?

Well here are nine speech power of threes for you to consider. In my role as both trainer and public speaker, I use all of them regularly. Hopefully they will help you (even if it breaks its own rule!)

Six key steps to increase the impact of your product or service launch even

What better way to increase the impact of your new product or service than to organise a launch event!

Maybe you have been to a product or service launch previously or maybe you have attempted to host your own in the past and have been underwhelmed by the experience and the results. Or potentially you feel your budget is not sufficient to host such an event – this does not have to be the case!

Successful corporate events and dinners and 4 tips to achieve success

What is the key element that contributes to successful corporate events and dinners? 

Is it a new product? Is it the draw of a well-known personality? Is it even be a great band to get the party started? These are all valid but I think the greatest element has to be an ………….. achievable schedule.

Three reasons why you should use a professional event host

Why should you use a professional event host?

With budgets ever tighter and the pressure on the bottom line ever increasing, it can be tempting for businesses to want to save money wherever possible especially when it comes to their events.