Social Media at Events

How to work with your event host to maximise the impact of social media at your events

A high profile event that we attended got us thinking about how you can really maximize the impact of social media through the effective use of your event host. Some event hosts are very experienced, but often at times they are not and as we saw at the event in question (with a substantial event budget), even the most experienced can slip up.

We thought it would be helpful to share some of our observations on how to maximise the impact of social media at your events:

  • communicate to your event host your vision of what you see as social media success for your event, including which interactive tools like event management apps, live polling etc. you will be using and how key information and data can be picked up and pushed out through social media by participants.
  • when briefing your event host confirm the key messages that you want to be picked up throughout your event and amplified via social media so that the host can build it into their talk track.
  • ensure the wifi password and hashtag and handles for Twitter, Facebook, etc are clearly displayed throughout the event at all times (yes obvious, we know, but guess what, it didn’t happen at this event!)
  • ask your host to remind people to take pictures of themselves, of what is going on at the event, if there’s a selfie wall or photographer then flag it and encourage participants to post as much as possible using the social media handles and hashtags.
  • encourage participants to use Bluetooth enabled “people near you” function on LinkedIn to connect with other participants at the event, so that they can pick up on each other’s posts.

Finally, ensure you are picking up all posts through the hashtags as organisers, to amplify your key messages via social media throughout the event. If necessary, hire or appoint a dedicated resource to help with this.

In summary, thinking about how you want to maximize the impact of your social media at the event in advance, will really allow you to maximize the investment, reach and impact of your event in the market.


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