Strategic Meeting Facilitation

Strategic Meeting Facilitation

We have extensive experience of facilitating strategic business meetings – big and small, formal and informal, virtual and in person – including workshops, co-development sessions, kick off meetings, roundtables, board meetings, seminars, away days, off-sites, meet-ups, networking and think tanks – virtual/online and in person. 

Many of our clients prefer to bring a professional meeting facilitator for key meeting(s) with their teams and/or clients as it provides:

  • Experienced insight and advice on how best to structure and run meeting(s) based on identified outcomes
  • Can be part of the meeting rather than being both facilitator and participant allowing them to truly engage and focus on the discussions and task(s) 
  • Frees them up from role of meeting facilitator and perceptions attached to the role (eg timekeeper, process manager)

We have a real passion for collaborating and co-developing events with our clients – see our  meeting design and content curation page for more information. In particular, we are interested in facilitating open space meetings leveraging tools like liberating structures and harnessing technology effectively to make for a truly interactive and engaging experience for all both in the virtual and physical environment.

For more information about how we can collaborate with you on your meeting facilitation needs, please get in touch via our Contact page.

Virtual or online meeting and event facilitation

Effective facilitation of live streamed virtual or online meetings is a true skill – ensuring that physical distance and the use of technology does not lead to passive meeting participation is a real challenge. Rebecca has substantial experience working with clients facilitating impactful virtual or online meetings including co-development sessions, kick-off meetings, workshops, webexes, webinars and teleconferences as a result of her professional experience leading major projects with virtual teams across borders and cultures over many years.

Rebecca, who is also a qualified coach and experienced mentor, is passionate about working with our clients to achieve their objectives and can share many of the tips and tricks she has learnt to increase the impact of these virtual interactions.

For more information about how Rebecca can collaborate with you on strategic meeting facilitation in person or virtual/online, please get in touch via our Contact page.

Meeting Facilitation

How do you work with your corporate clients on event facilitation?

Typically, we would organise a zoom call to discuss the brief as a first step and to explore the experience and cultural fit to better understand how we might work together. The next step would be to develop a written proposal response to your brief for you to review and if you are happy to proceed to sign off. We would hold a series of zoom calls and or meetings to work through the facilitation requirements in the run up to the event as well as obviously delivering facilitation on day(s).

How much do your corporate services cost?

We are able to provide our services to fit most budgets and are always happy to discuss. Depending on the type of event, location and preparation, we may need to charge for travel and expenses, but we always try to be as reasonable as possible in our approach. The key question for you as a prospective client is how much do you value the service? If you are investing heavily in an event, then you need to ensure that you have the best facilitation possible leveraging the experience of an expert. If you are interested and have a budget in mind, please contact us to discuss how we can help you further as we would love to explore working together with you.

Do you work just in the UK?

We work both in the UK and internationally. Most recently we have worked in the US (Las Vegas), Austria, Belgium and Germany. We are used to supporting international events and happy to travel. Increasingly, we are also asked to curate and facilitate virtual events using a range of different technology. This works best when we are involved in the planning and curation process as early as possible to enable a truly interactive, quality audience experience.

Are you able to provide the full corporate event planning and production service?

Our expertise lies in event moderation, facilitation and curation. We concentrate on delivering the best service possible based upon our expertise. We are able to recommend event planners and productions if this is requested by clients. Other services that we are able to provide include pre-recorded Voice of God announcements, voice over for promotional films for events and themed event hosting.

Meeting Facilitation