Public Speaking Skills Training and Coaching

Public Speaking Skills Training and Coaching

When asked what their number one fear is, many people respond with the answer – public speaking. Whilst it is possible to successfully avoid public speaking to a degree, there are occasions where it is unavoidable. The good news is it definitely can be learnt.

James uses his skills as a prolific professional public speaker working with a broad range of clients to guide and train individuals and teams virtually and in person through the process of learning how to speak in public – typically with a specific event in mind.

Topics covered in the training include:

  • Understanding your audience and overcoming fears
  • Planning and structure
  • Speaking in different environments and formats
  • Use of language
  • Voice projection and variation
  • Speaking to camera
  • Use of microphones
  • Top tips to engage your audience

Benefits to participants include:

  • How to gauge audiences
  • Speaking with clarity and impact in different formats
  • Increased confidence in communicating message with passion and purpose
  • The ability to better align body and voice

Additionally if English is not your first language but you have to give a presentation in English, then please get in touch. We find this training is particularly popular for international clients.

For more information about how James can help you with public speaking, please get in touch via our Contact page.

Public Speaking Skills Training and Coaching

How do you work with your clients when providing your public speaking skills training and coaching services?

Typically, as a first step, we would organise a zoom call to discuss the brief as a first step and to explore the experience and cultural fit to better understand how we might work together. The next step would be to develop a written proposal response to your brief for you to review and if you are happy to proceed to sign off. If pre-work is required, we would factor that into the proposal along with travel time and any expenses.

How much do your services cost?

We are able to provide our services to fit most budgets and are always happy to discuss. Depending on the location and preparation, we may need to charge for travel and expenses, but we always try to be as reasonable as possible in our approach. If you are interested and have a budget in mind, please contact us to discuss how we can help you further as we would love to explore working together with you.

Do you work just in the UK?

We work both in the UK and internationally. Most recently we have worked in the US (Las Vegas), Austria, Belgium and Germany. We are used to supporting international organisations and happy to travel. Increasingly, we are also asked to deliver public speaking skills training virtually both one to one and groups and have had good results doing this.

Public speaking skills training and coaching