Communication Skills

Have you been asked to give a presentation or speech? Do you want to do more public speaking or presenting? Have you been invited to an interview? Are you finding it hard to use your voice in public with impact? Are you worried or nervous about doing so? Are you looking to improve your technique? 

As communication skills trainers and coaches, with both artistic and commercial world experience, we have evolved our Presenting Confidence approach over a number of years. Working successfully with individuals both virtually and in person on their presentation skills, public speaking skills and voice skills, through our approach our clients gain greater confidence to speak and present in person and virtually as part of their professional activities as well as in their personal lives.

If you lack confidence in any of the following areas then one of our training programmes will be for you.

  • I don’t think I am interesting to listen to – how can I get my messages across?
  • I hesitate a lot, saying uhm, ahh and err. It makes me sound uncertain even when I not – how can I fix that?
  • I speak too quietly – how can I get myself heard and messages across?
  • I speak too quickly – how can I slow down?
  • I am very self-conscious, especially when others are watching me – how can I feel less so?
  • Others seem so much better than me – why is that and how can I feel like them?

With all these concerns in mind we are delighted to be offering the following services and packages to individual clients.

voice coaching and training

All communication skills training prices quoted are based on sessions being delivered via Zoom and exclude VAT. Sessions can be delivered in person but are subject to a different pricing structure. Full payment required in advance. Payment plans available upon request. There is also the possibility to amend these packages for small groups as well as purchase additional sessions to a block (information available upon request).

If you are interested in an initial free 15-minute discussion, please book a slot through the scheduler or contact us via email or telephone number below. All conversations are confidential, and you are under no obligation.

To better understand the impact of working with HaslerHill Consulting check out the testimonials page.

Communication Skills Training