A Decade of HaslerHill Consulting (HHc) – Part 2

A Decade of HaslerHill Consulting – Part 2

Following on from last month’s HHc blog post, when as co-owner of HHc, I was interviewed, on the 10th anniversary of the end of HHc’s first year of trading by business partner Rebecca Hill. This month it is my turn to interview Rebecca.

What made you decide we should set up HHc together?

Firstly, you and I have very different strengths. You mainly focus on the delivery, moderation and presentation aspect of the business, whereas I am much more focused on the curation, facilitation and business management side of the business. I was keen to explore more closely what it would be like to set up a business together, as well as, how to set up a business and experience running a business, while still in full-time employment.

What have been the highlights?

I think the biggest highlight has been creating a successful business that fits with our lifestyle and vice versa. However, another key one is all the new skills I have developed along the way. Certainly designing, and in some cases delivering, many of the projects we have been involved with, both virtual and in-person, has been very rewarding. Also, realising that we were listed on the front page of Google was incredible (zoom event production).

What have been your biggest challenges during the pandemic?

I think working alongside your life partner can have benefits as well as challenges. Whilst you excel in delivery, due to your ADHD, back office administrative processes can pose challenges. However, if it is one thing I have learnt, it is to play to our strengths, which helps, and between us, our broad range of skills has proved to be a real opportunity for our clients.

What learnings have you taken away so far?

The biggest learning has to be to clearly identify who your ideal client is, so that what you offer fixes their pain points. Additionally, not to fall into the trap of thinking that you can do too many things, but still be flexible enough to be able to pivot should circumstances change – as we did during the pandemic. It took time to pivot, but pivot we did, and now we are all the stronger for it, in both the virtual and in-person offerings of work we do.

 What next?

I will continue to support HHc and our clients going forward. It is something I am very excited about and I want to see the business continue to prosper and grow. At the same time, I will be expanding my business “Wise Sherpa“, in the same way you do with “The Man in the Red Coat“. Additionally, following on from my book “From Work Life to New Life” that I have just co-written and published with Mike Mister, I plan to be increasingly facilitating programmes to support this mission.

So busy times ahead?

Yes, absolutely, but not so busy that we can’t continue to enjoy life fully!

HaslerHill Consulkting
Working together in Basel, Switzerland in 2019

James Hasler and Rebecca Hill are both principal consultants at HaslerHill Consulting, an organisation specialising in moderationfacilitation and curation of events, as well as presentation skills and public speaking skills training. You can contact us via the HaslerHill Consulting contact page or call +44(0) 7773 229909.

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