Six key steps to increase the impact of your launch event

What better way to raise the profile of your new product or service than to organise a launch event!

Maybe you have been to a product or service launch event previously or maybe you have attempted to host your own in the past and have been underwhelmed by the experience and the results. Or potentially you feel your budget is not sufficient to host such an event – this does not have to be the case!

We thought we would share with you six key steps to help you to plan and increase the impact of your product or service launch event thereby justifying the time and expense of hosting such an event.

Step 1 – Identify who your audience is – this should include crucially your customers, key journalists and early adopters/influencers and be sure to give them sufficient advance notice.

Step 2 – Choose an appropriate venue with good access. If budget allows, consider using a professional production company to give the event that extra boost especially if you are going to be using a variety of media (eg film footage, livestreaming etc).

Step 3 – Plan your speakers and their messages carefully. If you are going to include any celebrities to help with product or service endorsements, make sure they align with your brand and resonate with your customers. Reflect carefully on the messages you want to communicate at the product or service launch – think benefits and not just features.

Step 4– Appoint a professional host. The temptation here is to have someone in your product or service development or sales team or a member of your leadership team present the new product and run the event, but this is not necessarily their skill set and most likely they are better deployed focusing on customers and talking to journalists than running the launch event. A professional event host will ensure the flow of the event keeping you to time, highlighting key messages, moderating any panel or interviews with key individuals teasing out key issues (rather than a traditional keynote speech!).

Step 5 – Consider how best to amplify your key messages at the event – optimising your use and impact of social media (including carefully aligned hashtags and links) is crucial. Film and other technology can help convey key messages too. Plant pre-prepared questions in the audience so that responses highlight key messages to attendees. A professional event host can really help here too.

Step 6 – Finally, all your team need to be clearly briefed beforehand and matched with customers, journalists and influencers attending the launch. Crucially, ensure you and/or your sales manager(s) track and follow up on all leads generated at the product or service launch event in a timely and professional manner.

A new product and service launch event can be very exciting and a huge opportunity for growth, but only if you are well prepared and really maximise the impact of your investment!

At HaslerHill Consulting, we have extensive experience of in person product and service launches. Over the past year, we’ve worked with some exciting brands and companies on virtual product and service launches. All of the steps mentioned are relevant to this context with a critical additional step of using a digital platform to engage with your audience. This means you have to design the event carefully and test, test, test using the platform. Hiring professionals like us with experience of virtual event design, production and facilitation is essential!

James Hasler and Rebecca Hill are both principal consultants at HaslerHill Consulting, an organisation specialising in moderationfacilitation and curation of virtual and in person events, as well as as presentation skills and public speaking skills training. If you would like to learn more about the services they offer and how they can be of benefit to your business, please get in touch via the HaslerHill Consulting contact page or call +44(0) 7773 229909. For different types of launch event James is also a professionally trained toastmaster and can frequently be found running launches in his guise of The Man in the Red Coat

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